Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's Publications


One of the earliest (written in 1898 from June 20 - September 26th), yet published as one of the last, Shuvda was published in Chhotoder Madhukari in the month of Aswin, [B] 1345. Nirupama Devi, a close literary compatriot of the author at the Bhatta House in Khanjanpur, who read the unpublished manuscript of of Shuvda, wrote that her novel Annapurna's Mandir was somewhat influenced by Shuvda. It is because of this, perhaps, Sarat Chandra never wanted Shuvda in print, in case Nirupama Devi's fame was adversely affected. The author, indeed ordered his nephew Ramkrishna to burn the manuscript but the latter saved it without the author's knowledge.