Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's Publications


Magazine serialisation of Shrikanto first commenced as a travelogue in the Magh ([B] 1322) issue of the Bharatbarsha. The first two issues contained the pen name Shree Shree Srikanto Sharma. The initial 13 issues were published by GCS on 12th February 1917 as Srikanto Vol. 1. This volume was transalted into English by K.C. Sen and Theodosia Thompson and published by the Oxford University Press in 1922. Ferdinando Belloni Filippi also translated this volume to Italian in 1925. After a brief punctuation (of 4 months), Bharatbarsha continued to publish Srikanto installments in Asharh of [B] 1324 and, with the exception of 3 issues, right up to Ashwin, [B] 1325. These were published by GCS on 24th September 1918 as Srikanto Vol. 2. The third wave of Srikanto installments started appearing from [B] 1327 Poush issue of Bharatbarsha through to the Poush issue of the following year with 4 interruptions in the middle. After the ninth Chapter, Srikanto's publication stopped - as the author then joined Mahatma Gandhi's non-violence (non-cooperation) movement. In 1927 with additional six chapters, hitherto unpublished, Srikanto Vol. 3 was published by GCS in Chaitra, [B] 1333. Some five years went by. Chapters of Srikanto Vol. 4 recommenced as serials in the [B] 1338 Falgoon issue of Bichitra and continued uninterrupted for a full year. GCS published these twelve issues as a book on 13th March 1933 (Chaitra [B] 1339). The author had a plan to write the 5th volume. But this was not be. Shrikanto was translated into Gujarati - Vol. 1 and 2 by Ramlal Soni in 1936 and in the following year Vol. 3 and 4 by Vimji Harijivan Parekh.