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Shesh Prashna

"I tried to define an outline of what a modern novel should be like." - Sarat Chandra wrote to Dilip Roy about this novel. The author's health was often failing him when he started writing Shesh Prashna ( the Last Question). This is why it was serialised in over a prolonged period - starting in Shrabon of [B] 1334 and completing in Baishakh of [B] 1338. The author wanted this book to be published on the Bengali New Year's Day of 1338. It was not to be - even though it was published mid-Baishakh on 2nd May 1931 by GCS. The progressives and intellectuals congratulated the author - the conservative Hindus were up in arms with the author and publishers. In a letter to his publishers, Sarat Chandra wrote:
You may be a little phased and frightened by the abuses heaved on you. But as the pundits indiscriminately adore it, so do the critiques - attack it indiscriminately. You need not be ashamed as it was published in your magazine. That's my request. There are two sides to everything. They are not necessarily the stronger side. Only time will tell who is right.