Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's Publications

Chhelebelar Galpa

Chhelebelar Galpa - or the Chilhood Stories - is a collection of six stories and one account of recollection specially written for children - published 3 months after death of the author in Baishak [B] 1345 by MCSBS. It contained the following previously printed stories:
    • Lalu - Mouchak Chaitra [B] 1344
    • Chheledhara - Chhotoder Aharika Puja issue [B] 1342
    • Lalu - Sonar Kathi Puja issue of [B] 1344
    • Kolkatar Natunda - Galper Monimala [B] 1344
    • Story of a Day 50 Years Ago - Pathshala Ashwin-Kartik issues of [B] 1344
    • Lalu - unpublished before
    • Deogharer Smriti - Bharatbarsha Asharh [B] 1344

Much of the materials for this article was sourced from the Sarat Sahitya Samagra (Complete Works of Sarat Chandra), Ananda Publishers Private Limited, Calcutta 1993

Abbreviation of Publishers:
GCS = Gurudas Chattopadhyay & Sons
MCSBS = Roy M.C. Bahadur Sarkar & Sons (later M.C. Sarkar & Sons)
APC = Arya Publishing Co.