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Bindur Chheley o Anyanya Galpa

A collection of three short stories - Ramer Soomati, Path Nirdesh and Bindur Chheley were first published in Bharatbarsha respectively in the Falgoon, Chaitra ([B] 1319), Baishakh ([B] 1320) and Shrabon ([B] 1320) issues. All three are gems amongst short stories. This priceless collection was published by GCS on 3rd July 1914. The spontaneous comments by scientist Achrya J.C. Bose about Path Nirdesh is memorable. He wrote to the author:
Success can be so insignificant, failure so great! Afraid I was, as I kept reading your Path Nirdesh, that after such sufferings one would be infatuated with the need for success. But I was glad to see that you have not forgotten to indicate the right path.

Its English translation Bindu's Son was published in the Modern Review in 1927.