Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's Publications


Partly written long time before its serialisation in Jamuna ([B] 1321 Kartik to Chaitra issues and again in some issues of the following year), MCSBS publised Chartraheen in book form on 11th November, 1917. This volumnous story, it is believed was partly written whilst the author was at Khanjanpur in around 1901/02 and was left unfinished for a long time. Sarat Chandra restarted writing it in 1911 and when nearly finished, after 500 pages of it completed in 1912, the manuscript, along with a few other possessions, was lost in a terrible house fire in his Lansdown Street home in Rangoon on 5th February 1912. The author was heart-broken; down but not out. He started rewriting in 1912 and on return to India on a holiday at the end of October of that year, he took residence on top of a brothel in (Gholadanga) Howrah. This is where a part of this significant novel was rewritten. Those who are familiar with the storyline of this novel would appreciate this snippet to Charitraheen. Dhirendra Ganguli's film based on this story was released on 9th May, 1930.