Bankim Chandra Chattejee's Publications


After the demise of Bangadarshan, Bankim edited the Prachar periodical for some time - although editor's name was not published. It is here the author's last novel Sitaram was serialised starting with its first issue in Shrabon [B] 1291. Sitaram was published as a book in March 1887 with two more editons before Chatterjees's death. Sitaram, also translated to English and other Indian languages, along with Anandamath and Devi Choudhurani formed a trilogy that espoused the author's Anushilan Tatva. Bankim's suggested that his immaculate creation the Krishnacharitra was a practical real-life demonstration of the theoretical constructs in the Anushilan Dharmatatva.


Much of the materials for this article was sourced from the Bankim Rachanabali (Complete Works of Bankim Chandra), Tuli-Kalam, Calcutta 1986