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Devi Choudhurani

Although a number of characters of Devi Choudurani, e.g., Devi Choudhurani, Bhawani Pathak, Mr. Goodland, Lt. Brennam, are plucked from the history in this novel, the author nevertheless insisted that readers should not consider Devi Choudhurani a historical novel. He had a similar view on Anandamath and Sitaram. First partially (up to Part II) published serially in the Bagodarshan, the periodical - which as a literary sun brought morning glory to bengali horizon - finally set in the west after the Magh issue in [B] 1290. Thereafter, the novel, which was later translated to English and other Indian languages, was published in book form in 1884.


Much of the materials for this article was sourced from the Bankim Rachanabali (Complete Works of Bankim Chandra), Tuli-Kalam, Calcutta 1986