Bankim Chandra Chattejee's Publications

Krishnakanter Will

First appeared in the Bangodarshan [B] 1282 Poush, Magh and Falgoon issues. At this time Bangodarshan - which was under the author's editorial supervision - went out of circulation. When it re-opened under the editorship of his brother, Sanjeeb Chandra Chatterjee, in Baishakh [B] 1284, the remaining installments of the Will recommenced publication. As a book, it was publish in 1878. Four editions were out during the author's lifetime and in each, the characters of Rohini and Govindalal were substantially altered which attracted a barrage of criticisms in the press - Sarat Chandra Chatterjee being one of the main critics. Bankim Chandra, considered this his best novel, here created contrasting male and female characters to depict the essence of differing lifestyles and behaviours between the East and the West - the latter at the time gripping many English-educated Bengali youth.


Much of the materials for this article was sourced from the Bankim Rachanabali (Complete Works of Bankim Chandra), Tuli-Kalam, Calcutta 1986