Bankim Chandra Chattejee's Publications


Well researched (the author extensively searched the Government archieves, Hunter's Annals of Rural Bengal and the Glaig's Memoirs of the Life of warren Hastings) and set in the context of the Sanyasi uprising and the Great Famine of 1876, Anandamath was seralised for over two years in the Bangodarshan from Chaitra [B] 1287 to Jaistha [B] 1289. Soon was published as a book in 1882. Even though the famous Bande Mataram patriotic song was written by the author some six years earlier and was hugely popular by this time, it was included in Anandamath as an added attraction. Anandamath was translated a number of Indian and foreign languages.


Much of the materials for this article was sourced from the Bankim Rachanabali (Complete Works of Bankim Chandra), Tuli-Kalam, Calcutta 1986