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  Font Download/Installation

Sitemarvel Bangla Font Help

If you had difficulty in downloading or installing the Sitemarvel Bangla font, please read the following Q&A's to assist you in getting the job done successfully. If you still have question please feel free to send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Here we present the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

  1. Where do I go to download Sitemarvel Bangla Font?
  2. Show me a summary of the steps involved
  3. Which file do I download?
  4. Is there any restriction on how many times I may download?
  5. Do I need to unzip the downloaded file?
  6. In which directory do I save the font file?
  7. How do I install the Sitemarvel Bangla Font?
  8. What happens after I install? Can I read Bengali script?
  9. I have both MS and Netscape Browsers installed. Can I use Bengali on both?
  10. One browser is fine, the other cannot read it. What's wrong?
  11. My font stopped working: cannot read or write Bengali pages. Why?
  12. Windows 98 problem - have some strange letters. What shall I do?
  13. Where do I go to write Bengali?
  14. I need Bengali keyboard help. What key I press for what letters?
  15. When I go to BanglaWriter, it shows an error message: Not Implemented
  16. I downloaded your fonts, but I recieved no font files as email attachment