Frequently Asked Questions
  Font Download/Installation

What happens after I install? Can I read Bengali script?

After you have downloaded Sitemarvel Bangla, please follow these steps:

  • relaod the browser and go to BengalOnline (use this address: http:/
  • check top left corner of the first page - you should see your name below the namaskar image.
  • if you haven't got your name there, make sure that you reloaded this page. Even after that if your name does not show up, it usually means that you may have downloaded without cookies turned on. It will not work. You must accept cookies for the font to work. Cookies are safe and are managed by the browser to allow web pages to save memory variables for later use. It is the only way we and the browser can verify that you have got the font; so we can render Sitemarvel Bangla font safely on your computer. If you downloaded Sitemarvel Bangla without turning cookies on, we were not able to save the settings. This is why we cannot start using the font. To our page, your computer looks exactly like another which has never downloaded that font. So ... the morale of the story: go to your browser preferences (NS) or options (IE) menu and change settings to accept cookies. Then proceed to dowload again.
  • Well, if you can see your name in the spot we indicated, it only means that you have downloaded the font and that the browser is aware of it. Now try and load a Bengali page, say GhareyBairey. Since this is the first time you're trying the font, the browser is still not sure that you have installed the font. So it will ask you to confirm that. Do so by clicking the check box next to the green prompt. This notifies the browser that you have successfully installed. Select the GhareyBairey again from the footmenu. Voilą! you have Bengali.