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  Font Download/Installation

Show me a summary of font downloading and installation steps?



  • Download font. To obtain help on how to downloadplease click here.
  • open your email inBox - find our email and font attachment with the .ttf or (.zip)
  • save attachmment to a folder of your choice and write down ona a piece of paper the folder's name as you may forget.
  • Shut down browser
  • Unzip (if you downloaded the zipped version) using WinZip or PkUnzip utility freely available on the Net.
  • Click Windows Start button - go to Settings
  • Select Control Panel
  • Select the Fonts icon
  • When program's loaded, select File from menu and then click Install New Font option
  • When the Font file dialog window appears go to the Drive/Directory path and select .ttf file you downloaded
  • When the program finishes - you know you have installed successfully.
  • Restart your browser.

  • Go back to BengalOnline and select a bengali script page to complete installation by confirming installation.

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