Frequently Asked Questions
  Font Download/Installation

In which directory do I save the font file?

When you want to save the email attachment - .ttf (or .zip) file - you decide in which folder or directory you wish to save it. You may save the file in any directory of your choice. The ultimate destination of the font (.ttf) (it is the file which has the font definitions; if you downloaded the .zip version you need to extract the .ttf file from it first) is c:\windows\fonts or c:\winnt\fonts folder (for NT's).

I keep all my downloaded files in a directory called \downloads on the c: drive. That way I know where to find them. If you have saved the font but can't remember where you have saved it, then you can search for it by using one of the following utilities:
  • the find utility of WIN95/WIN98/WINNT/WIN2000/XP.
  • the Windows Explorer to browse directories to find it
  • the prompt at c:\ and type dir filename.* /s followed by the return key. MSDOS lists all the directories where the file may have been saved.