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I need keyboard help. Particularly, I want to know how to type composite letters.


Select BanglaWriter to go to the Bangla typing page. There's a brief description on that page and keyboard mapping help (that's all you'll ever need) is provided to set you on your way to write in Sitemarvel Bangla font.

A keyboard image is provided. The procedures to type Bengali composite letters are also elborated with example. And a list of special characters and how you get them is also supplied.

To type a composite letter you use the ezKey combination. What is ezKey? It's combination two keys (ALT+CTRL in IE4+ or CTRL+T in FF4+).

The rules regarding the composition of characters are that:

  • press the Ezkey - simultaneously press ALT+CTRL in IE4+ or CTRL+T in FF4+;
  • release the Ezkey;
  • press and release the first letter;
  • press and release the second letter;


    Thus to get the char , you press in succession the Ezekey, letter d and letter Z (English key z). Follow that?

    If you'll be typing outside BanglaWriter, i.e., in Windows applications or word processor such as MS Word or Lotus WordPro then you need our keyboard emulation software called ezBangla. To learn more press the following image.