Frequently Asked Questions
  Font Download/Installation

How do I install the Sitemarvel Bangla Font?

Okay, you have downloaded and saved the font file. To install follow the following steps:

If you're forgetful like me, you may have written down where you saved the file. Well if you forgot to do that as well, then the first thing to do is find it. To find the file you downloaded, right click on the Windows Start button to select Explore or Find to locate the filename.* (in Find type exactly as shown - filename.*) you downloaded. That will help you find the 'lost' file.

Unzipped Version

Once you have located the file, using the Explorer (file manager), drag the filename.ttf file (by clicking the right mouse button on the file name in the right window and holding it down) to C:\winnt\fonts (for WINNT) or c:\windows\psfonts (for WIN95/WIN98) directory and drop (release the mouse button). It will ask whether you wish to move or copy. Select copy. That should automatically install the font.

Alternatively, you can install font going to Windows Control Panel (slections: Start - Settings - Control Panel - Fonts - File - Install New Font) and pointing to the filename.ttf file on the directory where you save it.

Zipped Version

Before you can attempt to install the font file, you will need to 'unzip' or decompress it by a compatible unzip utility. Please refer to Q5 above. Once unzipped, you will have the filename.ttf file in the directory of your choice or wherever you saved it. Now follow the instructions as shown above for the unzipped version.