Frequently Asked Questions
  Font Download/Installation

I use Win98. I've downloaded and installed Sitemarvel Bangla font and visited your site again. I can read pages fine except that I occasinally find some abracadabra letters. What's gone wrong?

This problem has been addressed now and should not occur with most builds of Win98. But then, life's interesting! Microsoft and application developers often play hide and seek. We the poor developers use MS rules to bring out applications. Sometimes, for good and often for 'progressive' reasons, MS engineers introduce new features and workarounds - of which the applications are unaware. I guess, that's what happend here.

This particular one is a nasty problem! This happens in IE. Never heard of this problem in Netscape - please inform us if this also happens in NS.

This occurs because we are using (rather squatting in) someone else's encoding real estate in respect of your computer's font memory management - to give you extra Bengali characters. See not enough space was allocated for Bengali language in the official code space allocated by UNICODE. So instead of using Unicode allocated codespace we're using another language's codespace which provides more room. What's happening here is that the legal owner of the codespace, for their internal reorganisation of scheme, has displaced our plan! Foo! Things we do for you!

You have to do the following whenever you load a new Bengali page. This is a chore that you could do without, but it's a small price to pay for squatting!.

Right click on the Bengali page you're viewing now. Select Encoding and then select User Defined. In most cases that should fix the problem. If not, please drop us a line.