Bengali Hall of Fame

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If Bengal can be proud of anything, it is its great people and their bountiful contributions in every field of human endeavour. Their lives and achievements not only did provide the basis for hopes and aspirations of the people of Bengal and India, but they brought the message of love, peace, tranquility and spiritual harmony for the mankind. Their unquestionable devotion to and love for their motherland is only comparable to their unparallel loyalty to universal unity of purpose and welfare of the human existence.

It is not at all feasible to provide a complete account, with the limited and often superficial resources that are currently available on the Net, of the lives and accomplishments of all the Bengali greats. But our purpose is limited, that is, to only make an attempt to introduce the readers to these people, their lifetime of works and struggles so that the discerning can pursue further with alternative resources. A second purpose is to encourage additional work being made available to the net.
Pride of Bangal is its Great People
Ranbindranth Tagore
Raja Rammohun Roy
Sri Aurobindo Swami Vivekananda
Netaji Subhas BoseI.C. Vidyasagar
Bankim ChandraSarat Chandra
Abbasuddin AhmedSachin Deb Burman
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Manik BandyopadhyayRavi Shankar
Kazi Nazrul IslamMadhusudan Dutta
Satyajit RayAmartya K. Sen
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