On 17th October 1998 Bengal Online sent a congratulatory message to the Nobel Laureate Bengali economist Professor Amartya Sen. Professor Sen was kind enough to acknowledge receipt of the same by e-mail.

Here we present text of the Bengal Online's greeting and Professor Sen's reply:

Bengal Online's Greeting

Respected Professor Sen,

Our Heartiest Congratulations!

Your winning of the 1998 Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences is a win for the poorest of the poor of the world. We at Bengal Online feel very proud of your accomplishments for the neglected of our society.

God bless you for the world need your help for many years yet!

Nikhil Ranjan Das
Bengal Online

Professor Sen's Reply

Sunday, October 18, 1998 12:06 AM

Thank you so much for your message.

I really appreciate it. I am away at this time and am also overwhelmed by the volume of correspondence, but I greatly appreciate your thinking of me.

Amartya Sen