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Living Proof

In this letter written on 21-01-67, two days prior to Netaji's birthday, the former Union Minister Prof. Samar Guha of Jadavpur University wished him best for the auspicious occasion and said they all awaited the rise of the Sun. The reference to sunrise is presumed to be Netaji's public appearance. This indicates that Netaji may have had contemplated coming out in the open after Nehru's death in 1964.

Or did he? Why did he change mind? What caused such a change? We will explore this in due course for the world to know.

In this note, which was found amongst numerous items in Dashnamee Sannyasi's residence after his presumed death in 1985, Netaji justifies his reason for not appearing publicly (where two words are in Bengali):

    "I am a bonafide Dashnamee Sannyasi; and you will know, that, a man under the Holy Orders incurs civil death according to the civil laws. And a Sannyasi is dead to his former life; it is in the keeping of Divine Mother Durga and Father Lord Shiva."

Bengal Online will gradually produce every bit of evidence there is that will prove to you beyond reasonable doubt that this Dashnamee Sannaysi is none other than our beloved leader Netaji. India has committed a terrible crime. History will not excuse those responsible. If our infromation is any guide, we can claim he is alive! Over 102 years old. We know what you may thinking. Unbelievable? Well, then, a lot of things that is the Netaji legend is just that - incredible, unbelievable. The disappearance from the watchful eyes of the British Intelligence in India, the untiring walk through thickets of the frontier province to Kabul, then to Russia, to Gemany, to Italy and finally to the Far East by German and Japanese submarines! What is not incredible!

Frail he may be, but the eyewitness reports to us that those sharp and piercing eyes and the resonance of that confident voice are still there.

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