The After Life of
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
 The Netajigate
Scandal of the 20th Century
    Author: Dr. Alokesh Bagchi
    Series Editor: Nikhil Das

The Cross-Examination
by Nikhil Das

We advise readers to read this only after they've read the Introduction and The Beginnings. The perspective gained from those articles will make this cross-examination summary more meaningful.

BOL: Tell our readers why (you think) Pradeep Bose was annoyed when you approached him to go with you to see Santh Samrath?

AB: This is curious to say the least. Legend has it that a number of close relatives of Netaji, are receiving Government and other sponsoprships. I also know another group of close relatives of the Bose family who can vouch this but are afraid of doing so publicly. The people with vested interest in NRB have earned a lot by telling what the Government wanted. One may come easily to that conclusion judging their lavish lifestyle. But how do these people maintain such a lifestyle! They seem to be forever travelling; visiting UK today and US tomorrow. Who is sponsoring? And why? According to one source, about Rs.35 lakhs came from Japan in 1998 alone. This was given to one of the Boses. What for? Jesus was betrayed for 30 silver coins, by Peter. There can be very little doubt that the same thing is not happening with Netaji. His relations hardly care about him. They show more interest in making money than doing Netaji research. Incidentally, in the book The Dissentient Report, written by Suresh Bose, elder brother of Netaji, the author calimed that Netaji was declared a War Criminal (ref pp 11, 16, 65). He went into hiding only for this. This is a known fact. When this book was being sent for publication, no one except the author, wanted this book published. Suresh Bose had to spend sleepless night. He could not even go to the washroom. In the morning Sunil Krishno Gupto, whose name has figured several times in Ayodhaya Tale as SUKRIT, himself took the manuscript for publication. He was told that if any one stops you, you can kill him. Sunil Krishno Gupto lives in Calcutta. He is now (1999) 74 and apparently has become quite suspicious.
BOL: How could his own relatives remain so calm about his ordeal?
AB: These so called relatives are enjoying hospitality. Why would they be interested!
BOL: Why would his nephew at Netaji Research Bureau run a research foundation if he could produce his uncle in flesh and blood? I'm at a loss. Can you shed some light?
AB: They are the ones who can and should answer this question. Krishna Bose has become MP. Orissa High Court on 23rd Oct 98 ordered Union of India to get his name deleted from 'War Criminal' list. But nothing has been done as yet. Krishna being an MP could have asked and put pressure on the the government. Has she done that? The anwser pitifully is negative. On the contrary, she says - I do not understand, why some people are interested in raking up war the criminal issue?

Netaji Research Bureau has been created for and with financial assistance of the Government to propagate the official line of Netaji's life or death. The work done by Sishir Bose, Amiyo Bose and Krishna Bose (MP) under the NRB banner cannot be distinguished from that done by the government. People may be excused for thinking that they are government's extended arms to provide and amplify the sanitised version of the Netaji's life. The truth, however, remains a captive casualty with or without their active sabotage perpetrated against the history of India. The truth shall await discovery by those Indians who truly love India and its Greatest son Netaji Subhas.

Remarkably, after the Ayodhya episode, Miss Lalita Bose, who was the co-petitioner with Vishwa Bhandhaw Tewari, initially took keen interest in Gumnami Baba. But she became progressively disinterested. This change of heart remained a deep source of mystery for many till her death in 1994. With her owning a plot (of around one acre) smack in the middle of Delhi, in the expensive Connaught Place, she seemed to be more occupied with that. She did everything to get her own petition dropped.

Till 1985, the UP Government did nothing more than taking that initial inventory of Gumnami Baba's belongings. I started pursuing this case from 1998. Only this year (1999), around February, I could get a Counter Affidavit from The UP Government. For that, I had to run around a lot. Nothing as yet has been done after that. One has to spend a lot money to provide financial incentives for officials to be made interested to act.

Mr. Gurubasant Singh, retired City Magistrate, in whose house Netaji stayed last (Ram Bhawan), at Civil Lines, Faizabad, can verify this same reasoning and tells a similar story. Interested researchers may find valuable information from Mr. Singh.
BOL: Is Santh Samrath now in Nepal?
AB: No he is near Nepal, presently the District is Sitapur, PO Panditpurwa, PS Thangaon, Block Rewsa.
BOL: Why is he flying the Azad Hind Fauj flag?
AB: He says that he is Subhash panthi Santh. He is very interested in discussing Politics. Has good grasp of the recent world politics. The political inferences made by him turns out correct. He knows what the other person wants to know. Spiritually highly placed. I think, several other persons who know him also agree, that things do happen only when he wants.
BOL: This appears at odds with his intention not to be identified as Netaji. If he was alive, he would be 102 years and 7 months old. Why should people believe that?
AB: He is of the same age. On 23rd January every year his Birthday is celebrated with fan fare. Until 1997 about 12 kms of the jungle road was decorated with INA Flags.
BOL: As you are the physician of Netaji what does he tell you about his decision not to come open even now?
AB: I am not his physician. I am his Sishya. He has given me DIKSHA-Initiation. He does not need any physician. This you cannot appreciate unless you have his Darshan. It's hard to believe. It seems he is very much annoyed with people of India, esp. Bengalis. He said several times Oh! wretched and thankless Bengalees. You eat fish. Once he told that, once Netaji went to his house in Calcutta towards the end of 1964. He called his dearest Bhabhi. She shut the door on his face. Netaji went to Howrah Bridge to jump into River Ganga. But then he thought, he had so many things left to do for his country. He returned back to Haridwar!
BOL: Why would he be afraid of being tried as 'war criminal'?
AB: He is not afraid. He does not want that his motherland should be put through sufferings and insurrections because of him. The International War Criminal Treaty, which initially had a 30 year limitation, [i.e. from 1945 to 1975; see Treaty Series Vol 7 of UNO, 1972]. This treaty was ratified by Indira Gandhi in 1972 with retrospective effect and perpetual validity. India and 13 other countries were signatories to it. These 13 countries were those who had war criminals as residents or citizens. Example are Iraq and Yugoslavia.
BOL: Does he seriously believe that he can be tried in India?
AB: This already had been discussed and decided in the Burma Committee Meeting under the Chairmanship of British PM Atliee. This meeting was held to deal and face with Netaji Chandra Bose in 10 Downing Street. Home Secretary of the Wavell Government was present. This is to be found in Transfer of Power - India 1942-47 (pp 135-137).
BOL: If this is not the reason what other reasons are there?
AB: He can only reappear unless there is an accidental revolution. The world equation changes. The US becomes less powerful.

He is working. He brought Dalai Lama to India. I have met Dalai Lama. I asked him, after presenting my Book, Paramhans Vani. Sir you have been brought to India by Netaji, by an unspecified route. You would be again taken back by him. What is your opinion. Dalai Lama replied:
"India's Dharma and Tibetan spirituality has a close relationship. Atma cannot be destroyed by fire or burnt".
I knew that this was a closed way to answer. I am sending photograph of Dalai Lama.
BOL: You wanted to send the rest of the chapters of the Ayodhya Tale - without them I'm having difficulty pieceing things together to make a complete story. There are serious gaps in the story. We need to account for the entire time since 1945 - if possible.
AB: Netaji left for Far East, on probably 6th of August, by a Russian U boat. This boat was supposed to take the sea between Nagasakhi and Hiroshima. The Allied Forces were so terrified that they bombarded both the places. These places were only port cities without any commercial significance.

Netaji reached Manchuria and crossed over to Russia. After his safe arrival there on the 18th, DOMEI, a private Japnese News agency, told the World that he died in an air crash. This was intercepted by Reuters and precipitated it even further. The crash story was not believed by Allied forces. They sent 3 different forces to verify it: SECATIC, Mountbatten-Wavell and MacArthur. Results were never made public!

This is the reason, that documents relating to Transfer of Power are not published in full. Only edited version is found in 12 volumes. It was decieded that after 1999, Mosley documents shall be realesed. Can you look into this area?
BOL: Meanwhile, I have told the world that Bengal Online has a story -- and is coming soon. So, please consider all the above matter with due urgency. You have not told the reader, what caused the UP government to seize all the belongings of Gumnami Baba and at whose request?
AB:   After the so-called death of Gumnami Baba, there was a hue and cry that the man, who died under mysterious circumstances, was none other than Netaji. There was a great agitation. Government under the direction of Allahabad High Court, Lucknow Bench, constituted a Commission. Independent one Mr. Satya Narain Singh Satya, Advocate was selected as ADVOCATE Commissioner. He prepared a List of Inventory in the presence of certain persons. The goods are still lying in the Treasury of Faizabad. Nothimg has yet been done. I have previously told that the Government of U.P. after the lapse of 13 years and on considerable effort of persuation, submitted it's Counter Affidavit. Nothing further yet has been done to date. This is India !!
BOL: We can understand that Gumbaba wanted to assume a new identity but you need to tell us where he went from there on and his whereabouts ever since.
AB:  One Adhayapak, from what is now Bangladesh, Mr Bannerjee had gone to Sitapur in 1949 to gain health, as he was suffering from tuberculosis. Sitapur still is a jungle town. He once came across a Sahdu, who would not come in front of any one. He was heard with permisson from behind a curtain. Incidentally, somehow he had glimpse of the Sadhu's face. He knew who he was. He went back to Calcutta and told this to Leela Nag(Roy). Pabitra Mohan Roy, an ex Intelegence Officer of INA was sent to verify. This 'thing' started from there. The Sadhu entered from Nepal through Nepalgunj. Surendra Awasthi Chaudhary, an ex King, brought him to Neemsaar. Surendra Chaudhary learned yoga and tantra. The tale goes on! Even Sampoornannand, ex Chief Minister of U.P. knew. He even paid for the expenses of this Sadhu. I have some photographs, which I shall send.
BOL: See, all these questions need looking at. If he was still alive one would expect that his close friends and relatives, as before, would frequent between Calcutta and wherever he built his new Ashram.
AB: He never stays for long in one place. When he changes his place, he changes his people. Sukrit went underground after the Ayodhya episode. He is afraid to tell that he knew about and had spent time with Netaji. The same is true with Samar Guha, ex MP. They feel they would be accused of aiding abating a war criminal.
BOL: Did this / does this still happen. If so, who are the people that visit him now and what evidence have we got to prove that connection?
AB: Few people come in disguise. Recently a group came from China. They said to Santh Samrath that you have fought with us in China. He agreed and answered in affairmative. Netaji was in China in Nanking and near the Red River. He was closely related to the War against Chaing Kai Sheik. There is a photograph of him, with Mao & Chou en Li.
BOL: Also, why is he allowing you to speak or stand publicly to tell about his story now - and did not allow others to do the same before?
AB: I do not understand. Once he called me, rather I thought he wanted me to see him, because unless he wants, one cannot do anything. I was made to walk through waist deep flood water of the River Ghaghra. I started at 4.30 p.m. and when I reached the Ashram, it was around 8.30 p.m. Nothing untoward happened to me. That was on 15 August 1998. Babaji was waiting for my arrival. He had Kitchuri prepared for me. That date being Ekadashi people were on fast, but no one dared to ask him!
BOL: These are some deatils I needed to fill in the blanks. We do appreciate you giving us your time and attention with patience. Thank you.

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