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Composed and sung in the main by cart drivers (or gaarhials) are a parallel, obviously, to the Bhatiali songs. Bhawaiya is more prevalent in the dryer northwest of parts of Bengal - where ox-driven carts are more common as transport vehicles than boats. The themes are similar if a little distinct. Here, the cravings of the separated and lonely hearts; metaphorically, often a newly-wed daughter missing her parents (or alternatively her lover) asks for gaarhial bhai's (a common kin=brother) favour to take her message of loneliness to her parents (alternatively to her lover) saying she is fine at her new home but she is terribly missing them (alternatively him). This gaarhial is not unlike the cloud messenger (Meghdoot) depicted in the immortal poetry of famous Indian poet Kalidas. One of the most successful singers of the Bahawaiyan tradition was Abbasuddin Ahmed.