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Composed and sung by boatmen of East Bengal. This branch is a fitting reminder that Bengal is the land of rivers. The mighty flow of the Ganga, Padma, Brahmaputra, Kabotaksha, Tista, Meghna, Madhumati and Buriganga not only brought the Bengal delta to life, it also gave its people one of the cheapest form of transport. Also, it's not unusul that a lot of people live on boats. The beauty and tranquility of passing villages, flowing murmur of water, whistling wind on the sail and the rythms of baitha (oar) can only bring a touch of poetic creativity to lonely hearts - away from home, separated from the loved ones. Sadly, it seems as if life is passing them by like the everflowing Padma. The thoughts become words, words become lyric and rowing rythms help to add a tune or two. The river banks, the destination, look close yet far - the longing seems forever. Memorable compositions survive generations, new ones replace the old - creative inspirations never will end.