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Murshidi is basically a variation of the Baul theme and is largely influenced by the Sufi philosophy of Islamic tradition. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the two - the same singers and composers upheld the beliefs of both - thus blurring the line of the religious divide. Eccentric lifestyles of some of the proponents of either tradition often made it impossible to know whether they were hindus or muslims. Lalan Fakir for example was certainly one of them who refused to be idetified with any one religion. He was unphased by the following question and hence he composed a famous song that starts with:

sabai bolay Lalan ki jaat ei sansarey
( every soul on this planet talks about my caste [or religion] )

But as a general rule, it is fair to conclude that Murshidi songs dwell on the Islamic Sharia. The life and times of prophet Mohamed and his disciples figure prominently in them whereas Bauls were intensely occupied with either Tantrik meditation, or with the purpose and relationship of this earthly existence (this body) to the inner soul or with their constant longing to unite with the Lord of the eternal abode - Sri Krishna.