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Supported System Platforms

You will need to download the proprietary Sitemarvel Bangla Bengali font to read Bengali script in the GhreyBairey pages. The fonts supplied have been tested in Internet Explorer3+ and Netscape4+ browsers and will work on the following operating system platforms:

  • WFWG3
  • Win95
  • Win98
  • WinNT
  • Win2K (all flavours)
  • WinXP
  • Vista
  • Mac (OS X)

We would appreciate feedback from Unix or MAC users. We might be able to supply Postscript version of this font.

Some users are afraid that downloading file will cause harm to their system. Please note that downloading this font cannot and will not harm your system in any way. Over seven thousand visitors (to June 2000) already downloaded this font. Rest assured!

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