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Download and Setup Instructions

Please read this note carefully before you proceed. We recommend that you print this page by clicking on File and Print on your Browser menu bar.

You may download Sitemarvel Bangla font in compressed (zipped file) file or uncompressed (unzipped) plain file. Either version, once installed, will work on Netscape, Explorer or other Explorer-compatible browsers.

The plain file is sometimes damaged in transit but is easier to install for novice users. The zipped version is, however, less prone to damage during download and takes shorter download time. But the zipped version cannot be installed without first decompressing (unzipping) it (mind you, it is perfectly sober language - we would never suggest you commit an indescent act!). You decompress it first, using an unzip utility (readily available on the Net and are free).

Netscape Navigator users are advised to download the zipped version and extract the .ttffile from it.

If you do not have an unzipper (who doesn't?), you may try the unzipped file first. If you get 'Not a valid font file' message during installation, then you know the file was damaged in transit (you may try again). If repeated attempts are unsuccessful (Netscape often have difficulties), then you can download the zipped version. Remember, we do NOT place any restrictions; you can download as many times as required.

    Step 1. Download
  • Fill in download form and click Send
  • You'll receive Sitemarvel Bangla font file as an email attachment - allow a minute or two for the email to reach your mailbox.
  • Right click on attachment. Save file to disk and select a suitable save (target) directory.
  • A Tip: don't be lazy, scribble on paper where you saving it! Paper remembers better than you can!
  • You may use Windows explorer or other file management utility to locate your file in the save directory. If you cannot remember where you saved the file, you may use Windows find or search utilities to locate the file. Type the name of the font file - joydurga or bokool or padma (whichever one you downloaded) - with '.*' (extension without the quote marks) at the end in the file box of the utility and click Search Now or Find Now button, as appropriate.
    Step 2. Install
  • If you downloaded the .Zip version, then use a decompression utility to unzip the .zip file and extract the .ttf font file from it.
  • Using Explorer (if you're an advanced user) just drag the .ttf file and drop into C:\Windows\Fonts or C:\WINNT\Fonts folder. this action will automatically install the downloaded Sitemarvel Bangla font. If you're unsure as to how the 'drag and drop' functionality works, then read on for the alternative method of registering the font by using Windows font installation utility.
  • Go to Control Panel by clicking Start and then pressing s(etting) and choosing c(ontrol panel)
  • Double click on Fonts icon from the Control Panel
  • Click File on browser menu
  • Click Install New Font ...
  • Enter the name of (or browse to) folder where you saved the downloaded file
  • When you get there, you should be able to see the file; now click the .ttf (or .zip) file to install this font.
    Step 3. Confirm Installation
  • After installation of Sitematvel Bangla font, the first time you want to read a Bengali page on BengalOnline, you will get a prompt requesting you to confirm that you actually installed it. Just click the green square box. Thereafter, you will be ready to read or write Bangla online.

Need More Help?

Visit Font Help page for answers to frequently asked questions on installation and for addtional instructions or if you have problems. As a last resort, you can send email to us for help as well. That's if you've exhausted all alternatives online and the cute font still is not installed correctly! Please understand we get a lot of mails regarding font questions and it takes quite a bit of efforts to answer them all on time. Please expect some delays. Some days are better than others. In any event our sincere apology if we can't come back to you right away! But we will!

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