Alternative Typography and Scripts

Many languages have adopted and/or adapted the Latin script to facilitate writing and publishing. Some have adopted transliteration, others have used some kind of script transplantation - for want of a term we will call it transcriptation (maybe not?).


One Bengali community site ( of San Frasisco Bay Area) is using one such transliteration method for Bengali typing. To experience please visit

      Updated Bengali Transliteration System.


John Mukherjee, one of our visitors, recently proposed another alternative method. Here's what John has to say about his transcriptation method entitled:

      How to Write Bengali Accurately Using The Keyboard of Your Computer.

But thoodher swad gholey metey naa! The real taste can only come from the real object - the way it has always been - writing in real script - Bengali. Our objective is to make your desktop computer capable of dealing with Bengali as comfortably as English or other European languages.