Bengali Festivals

Bengal is the land of festivals. The age-old saying baaro maashe tero paarvon (thirteen festivities in twelve months) reminds us that there is more than one special occasion each month. From the New Year's haal Khaata Day to the following Chaitra or Chorhok Sankraanti (eve of the following New Year's day), the Bengali Calendar is literally saturated with numerous Hindu, Braahma, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian and Jain religious and community festivals. As we pass an eventful generation, new occasions mark the Calendar with new red-letter days. Unlike western cultures, Indians in general and Bengalees in particular, pay tribute to their heroes in every field of endevour with elaborate festivities to celebrate the essence of life. Rabindra Joyanti and Najrul Joyanti, held to commemorate the birthday of the Bengali poets Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam, respectively, are unique examples and only possible in the Bengali culture. Passion and love for their contribution will fill eager Bengali hearts for next Millennium. Language and culture has united us when religion sought to divide us. This is one reason why Tagore and Nazrul are becoming more and more relevant to us.

Whatever your religious or political pesuasion, the chances are that there is a festival for you right now or is coming soon. We wish you well and hope that you enjoy the best of what this short life has to offer. Rejoice with friends and foes. Don't be greedy and let others share with you.

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Bengali is not just a word. It's the language of a people as resourceful as any other.


The major aim of this informal ActiveBengali Forum is to discuss ways and means of reforming and modernising Bengali script and to propose and provide a unified voice to submit a script reform agenda to the Indian and Bangladesh National Standards authorities and to the Unicode Consortium so that Bengali language can be computerised more uniformly and with general acceptance with sufficient 'encoding real estate' allocated to the 5th largest language of the world than is currently the case.

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