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Frequently Asked Questions

    How many ads can I put?
As many as you like; but one per prospective bride/groom/penpal per month.

    How long would my ad be displayed?
As long as you wish; but remember that visitors use the ad placement date to search.

    Can I edit my ad after it is submitted?
We regret that you can't. Thoroughly check your ad before posting. You may, however, send a request for editing the same with final details.

    What happens when my email address is wrong?
You don't get any response to their ads. Note that when you submit an ad, you receive an autoresponse to your email address from our server. If you don't get any response you should know what has happened.

    How do I take my ad off air?
Just send us a mail with your email address and ad placement date. We'll do the rest.

    What happens when I find my partner?
Get married quickly before he/she changes mind. Live happily thereafter. Only one requirement: send us Rasogollas! with a mail and we will kill the ad so you don't make the other half jealous!