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The Loric Period

Fable-centred literature of this period has been classified into two distinct streams. The first stream was purely romantic. These stories often deal with religious beliefs and relies on fatalistic endings. Examples include the Lausen's Adenture from Dharmamangal. Events were exciting and happenings romantic. Characters and storylines were inspired by the omnipresence of God. In the end they were rewarded or punished for their deeds in accordance with the Mahabharatic tradition. The second stream, not unlike its predecessor, continued to be laden with religious preachings and moral edicts. However, these were less exotic and less fanciful. Soon these started to deal with tales of ordinary people and their ordinary lives. The best examples of this period, according to Professor Sen, were the two stories in Kobikankan's poetry and in Vidyasundar by Bharatchandra. Stories in the Dharmamangal by the Seventeenth century poet Roopram Chakravarty, who became as famous in his time as the best Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chatterjee would be almost three centuries later.