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ESSEM's Gallery of
Durga Puja - 1999

Page edited by:
Subhrankar Mukherjee

          The Goddess and her Family

Calcutta Puja Map 
showing past winners   of the Asian Paints   "Sharad Shamman"   Award

   Mahasaptami at a Serampore pandal (Ocober 16, 1999)

Barir Puja
the Calcutta Tradition

                  Ghoshbari's puja at Thanthania

           Rani Rashmoni's Puja: Oppulence at its height

Joy Durga at New Alipore

Sen Babu's Puja at Kumartuli

Images of other traditional 'barir puja'

Chunder's "HaraParvati" at Jhamapukur

Singhabahini at Jorabari, Kalighat

Durga Puja, 1999 at Senguptas
of Jodhpur Park, Calcutta -
formerly of Aatharokhada, Jessore

Courtesy of Uday and Shompa Gupta

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