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Sandip Hor

Indrani Sen Concert

Bengalis in Sydney were seen driving towards the John Clancy Auditorium in the University of NSW on the pleasant evening of the first day of April – not to be fooled, but to be delighted from a performance by renowned Bengali singer from Kolkata , Indrani Sen. She was presented to a capacity audience of over 800, by the Australian Forum for Minorities in Bangladesh..

Indrani SenShe needs to introduction to the connoisseurs of Bengali music. Daughter of Sumitra Sen ,a legendary Rabindrasangeet artist who adorned the Sydney stage back in 1988,Indrani has elevated the musical spirit to the highest level of arts with her Rabindrasangeet, Nazrulgeeti, Bhajans and Modern songs. Outside the world of music she holds a PHD in Economics and teaches at a well known college in Kolkata.

The evening started with a dance number choreographed by Manjusha De and performed gracefully by the local talents. Then the stage belonged to Indrani Sen. She performed in two halves – first half dedicated to Rabindrasangeet and Nazrulgeeti and the other for Modern songs . After recitation of a sloka, she opened her account with Anandadhara Bohiche Bhobone, literally setting the scene for a joy filled evening of golden melodies of tune and rhythm.. She kept the mood lively with fast numbers such as Pran Chai Chokhkhu Na Chai and, Pagla Howa., brought in reminiscence of Suchitra Mitra by singing Krisnakali and paid tribute to her guru Debobrata Biswas with Je Rate More Duarguli .Her song Bhalobasi Bhalobasi in the film Sheth Pathorer Thala was the turning point of her career and she proved its worth again that evening.

All intrigued when she sang three Nazrulgeetis, but her tempo was cut short by the announcement of the intermission, disappointing the audience.

Second part was down the memory lane with familiar modern songs from the past which are technically known as remakes. Started with Ganga Ammar Ma and followed by songs of Manna Dey, Sachin Dev Burman and son Rahuldev, Salil Chowdhuri, Geeta Dutta and many more indulged the audience in nostalgia. Listening to Keu Bole Phalgun, one of Jatileshwar Mukherjee’s old romantic hit was most enjoyable. She sang few of her own recent songs which were good to hear particularly the one titled Jibon.

As all good things in life have an end, so did her performance that night. She sang for over three hours, standing tirelessly without showing any signs of displeasure. Her participation with the audience as well as with the musicians acknowledges commendation. She was accompanied by Prabir Chatterjee on tabla, Partha Banerjee on guitar and Sudipta Saha on key board.

Australian Forum for Minorities in Bangladesh deserves congratulation for presenting Indrani Sen - an artist of well repute to the music lovers of Sydney.

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