The ezBangla keyboard utility allows you to:

  • automated installation - just click the file icon
  • includes the latest Sitemarvel Bangla true type font; additional font optional
  • switch keyboard layouts between english and bengali with the press of a button
  • use your standard english keyboard which is phonetically synchronised with Bengali letters
  • visual keymap display aids for the novice - shows exactly where each key is
  • type composites or conjuncts (juktakshar) without sweat
  • learn typing easily - within days you will be typing in bengali with the same ease as you do in english
  • type Bangla on-board - you can type Bangla in the software and copy and paste to word processors
  • type directly in MS Word (Office97 to Office 2002, Office XP), Lotus Word Pro and other word processors
  • acquire this software at a down to earth price - $US50 only.

Feature Displays

The ezBangla keyboard utility sports the following features: