" ... what Bengal thinks today
India thinks tomorrow ..."

There is a good body of evidence in Bengali Heritage Gallery to prove that. But that's history. Sadly though one must ask, is this true any more? Why not? What has gone wrong? Explore in Chakrochari's Bisteerna Dooparey pages. What are we going to do about it? Have we really thought about it?

This our Earth's full of riches, rice and flower
On it is a land that's the best,
You'll not find such a place anywhere
She's our motherland, Queen of the rest.
D.L. Roy
Stanza 1 of a popular song composed
by the celebrated Bengali playwright

How hollow and meaningless does this song sound today? But does it have to be that way? What has happend to the riches, rice and flower? The world has left us behind, hasn't it? But why? Aren't we as human as the rest of the world? Don't we have exactly the same number of limbs as the rest of the world? Why then are we the poorest of the poor? Once, the central nervous system of India, why must we be at the depth of the living hell today?

Think, rise from destitution, rise from hell, march forward. Live again. Give again. Receive again! Forsake the 'babu' mentality. Stop thinking I'm the best. The rest doesn't think that. Listen to the rest. Follow them, catch up with them, then lead them. Then, and only then, they'll say you're the best.


At the foot of the Himalayan range - south of Assam and west of Myanmar (Burma) - the alluvial delta formed by the sacred river Ganga, Damodar, Padma, Brahmaputra and Meghna is known as Bangla - pronounced Baangla in the local language of the same name (Bengali in English).

One of the world's most densely populated lands, Bengal is known as the land of rivers. It's homeland for over 180 million people. East Bengal is now the sovreign country Bangladesh and West Bengal is one of the populous states in India.

Area: 214,762km2
Population: Estimated 220 millions in 2002
Language spoken: Bangla (Bengali)
Staple foods: rice and fish
Primary Transport: boats
Currencies: Indian Rupee (West Bengal)
  Taka (Bangladesh)

The Divided Land
Bengali History